Specialty Bottled Ciders

Sea Cider Prohibition
750ml Bottle… $24
6oz Glass… $7
Apple wine (low carbonation) flavored and colored with molasses and aged in bourbon barrels for six months. The secret of Prohibition lies in the barrel. Rich, full-bodied and intriguing Newfoundland Screech barrels were the inspiration for Prohibition which opens up to reveal notes of molasses, apples and sugar cane. 12% ABV

Aspall Cuvee Chevallier
750ml Bottle… $17 Limited Release
Aspall Cuvee Chevallier Suffolk Cyder (cider) is double fermented. It is a sparkling cider produced from apples higher in acid and lower in sugar content, so it has many of the tart characteristics of classic Champagne. 11% ABV

Clos des Ducs
750ml Bottle …$7.5
French pear session cider. 3.5% ABV

22oz Cider Bottles

Alpenfire Organic Pirates Plank “Bone Dry” … $14
Unfiltered, bottle conditioned, raw-pasturized, award winning cider from Port Townsend. The driest of the dry ciders.

Crispin – The Saint… $9
Crispin Cider Company’s The Saint is a truly unique cider that uses apple wine fermented with Belgian Trappist beer yeasts and is smoothed with organic maple syrup. 6.9% ABV

JK Scrumpy… $9
Farmhouse Cider from Michigan. Orchard Gate Gold or Northern Neighbor. For those who like a sweeter cider.

Julian – Black and Blue… $9
Blackberry and Blueberry infused cider.

Sonoma – The Anvil… $9
Crisp, clean organic cider made in micro batches…Perfect for sipping. Slightly sweet with light carbonation, finishes with a caramely, grainy roundness and a hint of vanilla and smoke.

16.9oz Cider Bottles

Aspall Crisp English Draft Cider… $9
Draught has a mid straw colour with a floral and appley aroma, especially of Russetts. It is a medium dry cyder with a mouth filling mousse and a delicate flavour of fresh pressed apples which has a complexity that enhances its long finish.

Aspall Perronelle’s Blush English Cider with Blackberry Liqueur… $9
Perronelle’s Blush has a subtle blackberry aroma with a hint of traditional cyder apple. Deceptively smooth with a silky but refreshing palate, it offers a perfect bend of sweetness and acidity with a lovely mouth feel and a lingering aftertaste of berries.

Reverand Nats Deliverance Ginger Tonic … $9
Each batch is full of gallons of pure squeezed ginger juice, lemongrass stalks, the fresh squeezed juice and zest of many limes and topped off with a bark from a tree in Peru which produces a wild form of the drug quinine. This truly is the tastiest “tonic” you will ever drink. Malaria and scurvy be dammed!

Thistly Cross Whisky Cask… $8
One of Scotland’s leading farmhouse cider makers, Thistly Cross Whisky Cask is matured in Glenglassaugh Distillery casks producing a warm delicious whisky note.

Thatcher’s Green Goblin… $7.5
Made with English apples, and matured in oak vats, Green Goblin cider is a full-flavored, bittersweet blend, beautifully balanced to give a fresh character with a medium dry finish.

Dupont Bouche Brut de Normandie 375ml Bottle… $9
Cidre Bouché is created using the traditional method of the Pays d’Auge. Full of fruit, freshness and a little funk, the taste reveals the aromas of apples and citrus with finesse (“cidre bouché” is a term for traditional cider, literally “cider under cork”). 5% ABV


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